Energetic Vibrational Holistic Naturopathy

This three year course aims to deepen theoretical and practical knowledge of the scientific aspects that regulate the functions of the human body, and the corresponding techniques necessary to address states of energy imbalance.HERO associazione di promozione sociale (A.P.S.)

Attendance at theoretical and practical instructional sessions is mandatory. Throughout the three years, faculty will offer lectures and experiential learning that promote the knowledge of rules and professional regulations. In addition, an apprenticeship is crucial for the practice of the Naturopathic profession.

The course is open to all those with a high school diploma or higher. Certain course and examination exemptions are possible for those in possession of recognized college/university degree in a relevant subject.

The Professional Course of Naturopathy lasts three years (plus a fourth year of specialization), each one consisting of 500 hours:

– 300 hours (176 + 124) in class teaching with writing assignments that highlight knowledge, awareness and expertise/experience in each subject

– 20 hours of Personal Growth sessions with a qualified professional

– 180 hours of Professional Practice, internships, apprenticeships

Ist Year Naturopathy: Professional Ethics and Regulations 1  weekend
Anatomy and Physiology: biology basics, laboratory analysis 2  weekends
Anatomy of human energy fields 1  weekend
Herbal study 1  weekend
Energetic evaluation (various techniques) and REIKI 1  weekend
Bach Flower remedies 1  weekend
Psychosomatics and Characterology 2  weekends
Cromotherapy 1  weekend
Reflexology (feet and ears) 1  weekend
2nd Year REIKI 1  weekend
Herbal study (aroma-gemmo-oligo Therapy) 2  weekends
Characterology 2  weekends
T. C. M. (Oriental Diagnosis) 1  weekend
Bach Flower remedies 1  weekend
Crystal therapy 1  weekend
Reflexology  (foot, ear) 1  weekend
Diet – Nutrition 1  weekend
Anatomy and Fisiology 1  weekend
3rd Year Herbal studies (Oligo-Lito-therapy, Shussler salts) 1  weekend
Psyco-energetics 2  weekend
Bach Flower remedies 1  weekend
Iridology 1  weekend
Relaxation and Visualization Techniques 1  weekend
T.C.M. 1  weekend
Anatomy and Fisiology 1  weekend
Natural products for the house and cosmetics 1  weekend
Reflexology 1  weekend
REIKI 1  weekend
176+124=300 hours in class study;
20 hours personal growth private sessions;
180 prof. training; internship; apprentice
Tot. 500×3=1500 hours


4th year Masters
Reflexology – Chromotherapy – Bach Flower remedies – Herbal studies – Reiki