Centro Studi il Nuovo Paradigma


“Centro Studi Il Nuovo Paradigma” was born to cultivate personal growth and to bring people closer to energetic studies. The group of people who met weekly at the Center to discuss a wide range of topics of common interest has since become a veritable cultural association which has given life to a series of conferences and meetings.

Over time, the association has become a school that, in addition to workshops and seminars, offers professional courses in:

– Holistic Naturopathy with a focus in Vibrational Energy

– Holistic Counselor in Energy Awareness (Energy Awareness Holistic Counselor)

Both of the above are three-year courses, with an additional year of specialization.

The Centro Studi Il Nuovo Paradigma offers an annual course for Holistic Operator Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho.

All faculty members of Centro Studi Il Nuovo Paradigma are qualified practitioners.

In addition, the Center is properly accredited so that graduating students may be included in the national registry of professional certification (Law 4/2013).

Centro Studi Il Nuovo Paradigma is an educational agency for adults (E.D.A.) of the Province of Pistoia.

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