ascesa-pOn July 14th, 2015, an agreement between ADICONSUM and SINAPE FeLSA CISL created the Bilateral Joint Institution ASCESA (ADICONSUM SINAPE Ethical Certification Services associated) in order to concretize Law 4/2013, which sets forth regulations for previously “non-organized professions.”

The article aims to create “privately run professional associations…with the aim of enhancing member skills and ensuring compliance with the rules of professional conduct, facilitating consumer choices and protection.” The agreement’s main objective is that of promoting quality in the field of professional associations and upholding consumer-centered policies, enabling members to stand out as exemplars in their respective fields.

Objectives: the advancement of ongoing education for SINAPE FeLSA CISL members through training at a national level; the establishment of a scientific and technical committee dedicated to lifelong learning; the adoption of a code of conduct to improve the quality of services offered and to increase member professionalism.

ASCESA’s constitution offers many advantages to both consumers and professional members. Consumers will enjoy increased transparency in their relationships with professional members, in addition to greater awareness of their rights and a formal means for complaint in cases of dissatisfaction or disagreement. Professional members will benefit from increased consumer trust, reduced occupational risk, and support in cases of dispute.

ASCESA is further committing to the defense of the rights of consumers by opening a help desk dedicated to handling complaints and possible appeasements, and by providing for the creation of special monitoring and evaluation committees.