Lia BalliWe have created a new, non-profit Social Promotion Association (Associazione di Promozione Sociale, A.P.S.), recognized by the SINAPE-FeLSA-CISL consortium of unions and CSEN-affiliated, with the shared intention of increasing familiarity with, and acceptance of, holistic values and principles, in both Italy and Europe.

Holism has at its core a vision of reality, human beings and existence as essentially unified and coherent. The holistic framework, consequently, considers our planet (Mother Earth, Gaia) to be one integrated ecosystem with many interdependent parts. Many systems of knowledge, from mythology to cosmology, reference the existence of a unified consciousness as the origin of all other things.

Just as ancient spiritual traditions acknowledge these various levels of consciousness, reality and human evolution, the holistic (and quantum physical) sciences are concerned with systems, holograms, synchronicity and so on.

We are in this together; we are all one!

Native and shamanic cultures advocate a return to connectedness with nature and all creation. (Precedents for the modern adoption of these values can be seen in the study and practice of ecology, ethical economics, global education, traditional medicine, holistic healing practices, bio-natural approaches, and transpersonal psychology, to name a few.)

This new holistic paradigm affirms the presence of an infinite intelligence, which emerges in concrete and material forms. Indeed, our thoughts create our realities.

As such, we have founded H.E.R.O., Holistic European Research Organization, to unite and empower practitioners and students of holistic disciplines, in addition to all those who believe that information is the key to unlocking a new collective awareness, so desperately needed to build a better world for ourselves and for our children. 

Our journey begins in Italy and continues onward to Europe!

Join us!

 President Lia Balli