S.I.N.A.P.E. is the Italian Union of Naturopathy Pranopractice Esthetology and Bio-Natural Disciplines and Holistic Health. It represents a particular category of self-employed workers and professionals who are using their expertise to serve individuals and organizations, to provide education and to promote human relations.

S.I.N.A.P.E.’s interests include:

Taxation and welfare: to eliminate the freelancer’s unequal standing with respect to other workers.

Legislatory initiatives and social policy: to improve the conditions of those professionals whose VAT numbers are not formally protected.

Training/studies: to invest in the continuous training of self-employed professionals, assuming the total deductible of training costs.

Law 4 of 2013: to reform those professions which are not organized into orders or colleges.

Certification of professionals: along with FeLSA CISL to standardize professional certifications through its status as a UNI shareholder (Italian National Unification agency).

S.I.N.A.P.E. – SERVIZIPatrocinio HERO sinape

Some of the ways in which S.I.N.A.P.E. Felsa Cisl is already serving self-employed practitioners of bio-natural and holistic disciplines for health include:

Publication of a list of professional members, divided by region, on its website

Inclusion in the National List of Members A.S.C.E.S.A. (Adiconsum Sinape Ethical Certification Associated Services) which offers numerous member benefits

Certification of Naturopathy as a profession in compliance with UNI (11491)

Tax Assistance through the national network of SAF CISL (tax assistance services)

Establishment of consumer service lines for citizens as provided by Law 4/2013

Services dedicated to the sector in collaboration with the Confederation (“System Us Cisl”)

Agreements with legal experts in order to provide legal protection for members

– Integrative health care through a mutual aid fund for professionals and self-employed workers (ZEFIRO FUND)