How many times have we felt helpless and hopeless in the face of environmental disasters, man-made destruction, lack of accountability, and senseless violence?

How many times have we asked, “What can we do?”

We wanted to do something but did not know where to begin.

We must reconnect with the natural world in order to awaken our innate strength and inner power, to find the will and the joy to live, to do, to be!

It is in this spirit that the nonprofit Association of Social Promotion H.E.R.O. (Holistic European Research Organization) began: to unite all those who believe that they can change themselves and their lives, to be united in a coherent, positive, holistic movement and to create a more aware and responsible world, in harmony and union with the Natural World and Mother Earth.


Those bodies considered to be Associations of Social Promotion are both governmentally-sponsored and private movements and groups which set out to provide socially useful activities for members or third parties, of a non-profit nature and with full respect for the freedom and dignity of members.