Lakota Language Course

From September to June, the first course in Lakota Language will take place at the headquarters of the Centro Studi Il Nuovo Paradigma and H.E.R.O. in Pistoia.

The Social Promotion Association H.E.R.O. and the Cultural Association Gleska Wambli

P R E S E N T:


Organizational Director: Social Promotion Association H.E.R.O. President Dr. Lia Balli

Scientific Director: Gleska Wambli Cultural Association President Prof. Dr. Alessandro Martire

Educational Director Lakota Language Courses: Dr. Alessio Pieralisi

The first year of study in Lakota language will begin in September 2016 with the following schedule:

The cost of this first year course is 1,200.00 EUR, and includes all necessary materials (ex: handouts, audio cd, exercises, etc.), instructional sessions and the final examination with subsequent diploma presentation. Payment can be made before each lesson or as one single sum.

To register for the course, please fill out and send the below registration form; please sign the form to indicate your consent for processing of personal data.

Depending upon the number of participants, instructional sessions will take place either at the headquarters of the Social Promotion Association H.E.R.O., Via Acciaio e Agnolaccio 3, Pistoia, or at the conference hall of the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Lungarno del Tempio 44, Florence. Participants will be informed in advance regarding the sessions’ location.

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