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Holistic European Research Organization

Holistic European Research Organization is a social promotion association (APS) nonprofit sponsored by Sinape (Italian Union of acupuncture naturopathy herbal pranotherapy) and adhering to Csen (national education Sports Centre) with the common goal of spreading and raising awareness of holism in all its forms, both in Italy and in Europe.


Via Acciaio e Agnolaccio, 3 - 51100 Pistoia (PT)
Tel. 0573-570027 Cell. 335-6536146 Fax: 0573-570668
e-mail: segreteria@hero.earth


H.E.R.O. Università popolare
Via Acciaio e Agnolaccio, 3 - 51100 - Pistoia - (Italy) C.F. 90059550476